Cold Cuts


Cold Cuts, ALASKA Projects, Kings Cross, 4–26 August 2017

Cold Cuts considers psychoanalysis as a practice, set of assumptions, and interior space. Thinking about how analysis regulates the body – as it sits in a room, as it answers questions, as it returns to re-staged scenes of primary trauma or ecstasy – the show asks what kind of discipline therapy is, especially when the terms of analysis are unclear, obscured, or altered. Analysis is considered not just as ‘therapy’ but as part of a larger, vaguer, more generalised culture of anxiety that both produces and seeks to fix its terrors.

Cold Cuts,  2017, laser printed handkerchiefs on satin silk
Dread Materials, 2017, screenprint on cotton rag paper, 950 x 1350mm
Psychoanalysis or Interior Design / Language Script, 2017, two-channel video, 15 minutes 5 seconds
Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser, 2017, MUJI Aroma Diffuser and Pine Oil






Photography by Document Photography